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Cutting edge technology paves the way for bringing economies of scale to your advantage as your customer base grows.

At ibex. we have developed solutions in response to emerging trends in the customer service domain, keeping in mind the entire CLX journey. Our services and tools help provide amazing customer experiences tailor made for your particular needs.


Reduce the noise and hassle, Focus on your USPs

Benefit from the value addition our seasoned technologists bring to the table.



IT Security

Vulnerability Assessment, Risk Assessment & Mitigation, Pen Testing, Incident Response Vigilance, SEAM solution



Network Ops

Net Security, Switching and Routing, Firewall Management, Network Diagram Diagnostics, ACL, VPN Management



Server Ops

RAID storage management, VM management, DNS Management, Cloud Management



Software Development

Best coding and development practices, range of development languages and platforms, Experienced and excellent workforce



Cloud Services

Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Anything as a Service (XaaS)



IT Infrastructure

Back Office, Access Control, Remote Support, Patch Management


Helping you sow the seeds of success

Featuring best-in-class agents, disruptive technologies, and enhanced IT security, ibex’s Technology CX solution pairs the power of an industry-
tested CX performance engine with the innovation at the heart of your brand.



We build your CX teams to hit key KPIs quickly and consistently, ensuring there’s no gap in CX output once ibex is switched on.



Our teams are ready to start small and ramp big. Our deep industry expertise means we’re able to pivot at a moment’s notice, keep pace with your innovation, and provide continuous performance for any situation, at any touchpoint.



Rooted in industry experience and our in-house dev team, innovation is as big a part of our operations as it is yours.
Our technology and teams enable us to seamlessly pivot our operation to align with expanding work types or LOBs, optimizing quickly for shifting growth needs, issue demands, and changing CX channel requirements.



Anyone can do well on a single program, but delivering consistent performance outcomes time and time again depends on a battle-tested methodology for repeatable, predictable, and reliable program execution that you can set your watch to.

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